Tiff W.
Honolulu, HI

3 check-ins

I will be a regular here! Hubby got his eyebrows threaded and so did I. This lady does an excellent job and very gentle. Great place and customer service!!

Megan S.
Alpine, CA

1 check-in

I can not get waxed because my skin is so sensitive! This place is perfect! MJ did a great job threading me! I was in and out in ten minutes! I will definitely be back! I walked, not a ton of parking. It’s also next to the best cookie spot in town.

Angelica C.
Hillcrest, San Diego, CA

10 check-ins

I’m really bummed that they took away the loyalty card. I was missing one stamp and the lady in the front desk wouldn’t do it! They should consider honoring the cards customers already have.

On a lighter note, Ayesha is the best! She always takes the time to make my eyebrows look great, but since she is an expert at threading, I am in and out in no time. I love consistency so I go to her every time.
There are other girls who thread there and am sure they do a good job, too. The fact that there are other threaders means wait times aren’t that bad, either.
I really like the decor of the place. It’s simple and welcoming. The fact that there is a parking lot in the shopping center is great, instead of having to struggle to look for a spot on the street.