Amanda L.
San Diego, CA

3 check-ins
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I was in desperate need of a clean up at 6:45 PM the other day and quickly Yelped anywhere that would take me in. Knowing that most places don’t stay open past 7 PM, I knew I was most likely going to have to live with bushy untamed eyebrows for another day :(

I quickly called Aaliyah’s as I was nearby to ask if anyone had time and they agreed to take me in. Little did I know… it as a THREADING place!!

As a threading virgin, I sat in the chair completely void of what to expect. To my delight the process was virtually painless, sharply precise, and the woman who helped me (the owner I believe) was friendly and informative about the process.

When I was all done I was expecting to see the normal redness and irritation of a wax, much to my surprise I looked the same as when i came in…just with beautifully shaped brows!

$10, in and out, punch card that lets you have your 6th brow free… UHM, I’ll definitely be back!

Laura C.
San Diego, CA

Amazing job, every time I go I come back pleased with the amazing results. Love the way they do eyebrows and waxing. I would definitely recommend this place.

Jeni O.
San Diego, CA

Ayesha is the most professional and kindhearted person. I used to go to Dolly’s down the street but one day the person I went to suddenly either became too important or busy to see clients, but all the other girls we were super inconsistent. I am finnicky about my lashes and brows since they make my face and I know quality when I see it. Until I met Ayesha, I never thought I’d get quality shaping and threading again. She is so good at what she does and doesn’t over thread. I like a nice clean shape but I barely have brows so I like them as thick as they can go. I’ve gone to her a dozen times already. She is perfection,and she is also very quick.

I am a mom of two little babies and it’s hard for me to make appointments for things until the day of since sometimes I don’t even know if I’ll have a nanny etc… So I once decided to go to a nail salon/waxing place nearby. What a BAD idea that was! Not only were my brows lopsided, one of my brows was missing a chunk. Who f***g does that?! I never wax anymore and now I completely swore it off bc of that nightmare. It took me about a month but Ayesha helped me reshape it, make it symmetrical again, and grow it back to normal.

I haven’t ever made appointments and I get in and get out. Longest I’ve waited was 5 mins? But the I always go Mondays (occasionally Saturdays). Love this place. Love her!