Lorrin F.
Milazzo, CA

Updated review

I have already reviewed this business before but I wanted to write again responding to a 1 star review that I read recently saying that her eyebrows were made too thin and that she had been growing them out.The owner of this business, Ayesha is the most talented threading artist I have ever known. When trying to grow my own eyebrows in she explained to me that the hair is being pulled out straight from the root giving room for new hair to grow in. Waxing cannot remove as much hair as threading can so new hair doesn’t have a chance to grow. If you are patient and give threading a chance and if you can trust that Ayesha is the amazing artist that she is she will have your eyebrows grown in thicker and more beautiful than you have ever seen before.

Lauren C.
San Diego, CA

1 check-in

Mojgan is simply my favorite! She has taken care of me since my friend(who works at Uncle Biffs-shout out)practically forced me in here due to my unsightly stray brow hairs.
We spend $10 so easily now. A lunch sans a drink will cost you that much, so it’s quite amazing to find that at Aaliyah’s they only charge ten dollars for eyebrow threading.

Aisha(the owner) has a great vibe, very upbeat and friendly without being invasive or irritating. And she has her husband and daughter(Aaliyah…sound familiar?)as her one-of-a-kind welcoming committee.

Mojgan is a little on the quiet side which relieved me from that odd pressure of making chit chat so common with hairdressers. But aloof she is not, for she is also quite sweet. I especially like how she asks and truly listens to your ideas for your brows and executes the job perfectly.

I had the pleasure of also having my eyebrows done by Aisha on Mojgan’s day off. She is the best, as she was Mojgan’s instructor that came as no surprise.

Grab a red vine, a seat, and then prepare for glamourous brows.

P.S. Threading, to me at least, doesn’t hurt nearly as much as rumor has it.

P.S.S. Don’t forget to pick up a loti(probably misspelled) card!

Joanna O.
Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA

I have been here about 5 times and I will continue to get my brows done here. They are consistent and quick. I never wait to long and it is almost painless (except for the first time you get them done, afterwards it’s not). They have a punch card for every visit, the 6th one is free!
I recommended on of my coworkers to get her eyebrows done as well and she love this place too.

Update: they no longer accept the punch card, Which is unfortunate because I had one more threading for my free one.