Wedding Checklist: Wedding Makeup Trials

Weddings are mostly once-in-a-lifetime events and every bride wants to look her best when that fateful day comes. This is the reason behind the painstaking preparations and meticulous selection of details from the wedding ceremony to the reception—from wedding gowns and wedding rings to music, food and drinks. Such preparations usually take a long time and involves a lot of things that need to be done to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Couples need to hunt for venues, choose caterers, take food tastings, discuss choices with the florists, trips to photo shoots, and many more. All of these take months and involves a great deal of planning and execution.

Why is a Wedding Makeup Trial Necessary?

The bride’s make up is one of the details that need to be made sure before the wedding day. This involves looking for the right makeup artist and of course a makeup trial session. For many modern brides, undergoing a makeup trial is as important as fitting the wedding dress to make sure that it suits them. However, more than just being able to see the outcome before the actual day, there are lots of benefits that a bride-to-be can get from getting makeup trial sessions. This includes:

  • Allows the makeup artist to be familiar with the details of the bride-to-be’s face and decide on which fits best for her in terms of colors, shades and other elements.
  • It allows the bride-to-be to scale the skill of the makeup artist, and provide for an ample time to look for another makeup artist to do the work in the event that she decides the makeup artist is not capable of bringing out the look that she wants.
  • In case of deciding between more than one makeup artists, makeup trial sessions help in choosing the right makeup artist that is fit for the job.
  • Doing a makeup trial will allow the makeup artist and the bride-to-be to tweak and perfect the look, and try it out before the big day.
  • Finally, it gives the bride-to-be the peace of mind she needs. She doesn’t have to stress out on picturing how she would eventually look during her wedding and lets her focus on other details that need her attention.

What You Need to Know about Makeup Trials


To get the most out of your makeup trial session, allocate a day where you have ample hours to sit down, consider and discuss things with your makeup artist. If you just squeeze it in a busy day’s schedule, you will be settling for what would eventually look better and fail to leave a room to perfect the look and make it the best.

Makeup Trial Fees

Make sure that you inquire for the fees for the makeup trial session. There might be makeup artists that offer this for free as part of their marketing strategy and there are those who requires a minimal fee for the session. Ask ahead to avoid unexpected costs in your wedding preparations.

Before the Session

Make sure that your face is clean with not any small trace of makeup or product on it. No lipstick, no mascara, nothing! This is to allow the makeup artist to assess your skin in its natural state and be able to build up the right look for you.

You may also bring a picture of how you want your makeup to be to give the makeup artist an idea of your desired output. This will considerably reduce the time spent on trying to describe the look that you want.

During the Session

Do not hesitate to ask questions if needed be, but not too much as to distracting the makeup artists as she does her look. Make sure to inform her of any allergies you have on certain products. Ask for advice and opinions and hear the makeup artist out if she gives an input of what is best for you. Try it out and decide.


Hair Styling Trial

During the makeup trial, you may also have your hair style trial. For this, you need to make sure that your hair is clean, dry, and free from any product so the hairstylist can efficiently work her way up in building your look. It is also advisable to bring pictures of hairstyles you want and discuss it with your hairstylist to see if it fits you best.


So, if you are ready, it’s time to book your makeup trial now!