Wax Vs. Sugar Wax: Which One Is For You?

It’s a common misconception that wax and sugar wax are the same things. It may seem like it because both are hair removal options, which help you get rid of unwanted body hair by simply uprooting it. However, these two terms differ greatly in one of the very important aspects of hair removal – pain. The thought of getting the hair removed in very sensitive parts of the body can make you cringe, so it is good to know you have an option that can spare you from the excruciating experience. Apart from the pain factor, waxing and sugar waxing also differs in the ingredients they use to perform the hair removal process.

Difference in Pain Level

In terms of the pain experience, sugar waxing is proven to be painless, as compared to regular waxing. Due to the use of natural ingredients, the hair easily comes off so there is much less pain. This is the reason why many opt for sugar waxing, which accounts for its rising popularity overtime.

Difference in Ingredients Used

Sugar waxing is all about exposing your body to the most natural of ingredients. It includes sugar, lemon juice, essential oils and water for its base. On the other hand, the wax that most salons used are made up of chemicals, dyes, preservatives as well as fragrances to keep it smelling good all the time. Although the risk of suffering from allergic reactions, whether its natural or not, will always be there, it is more common for people to suffer from using wax that come with a lot of chemical ingredients. In additional to skin irritation, waxes can cause the skin to break out all over the body.

Which is better?

What makes sugaring the better option? Sugar wax does not stick with live skin cells; thus it only takes away the dead skin cells, protecting the live ones. Waxing, on the other hand, takes off both live and dead skin cells. There is definitely nothing to worry about regarding sugaring because it leaves those live skin cells right where they should be to keep your skin protected at all times.

The choice of whether to go for regular waxing or sugar waxing will depend on you. However, if you are after something that is safe and less painful, then sugar waxing is definitely the better choice.

Wax Vs. Sugar Wax: Which One Is For You?