The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Like every other girl, chances are you have plucked, threaded or waxed your eyebrows to whip them into shape or at least thought of doing so. Eyebrows frame your face, they your express moods and emotions and shaping them can either be a make or break. The trick to having perfectly shaped brows is matching it to the shape of your face. At Aaliyah’s Beauty and Brows, we, not only offer the best eyebrow threading in Sand Diego, we also make sure they complement the natural beauty of your face.

Read below and know exactly which brow is the right shape for you.

The Oval Face – this graceful face has a wider forehead and full cheekbones that tapers gently down the chin. The natural beauty and proportion of the oval shape face makes it an easy candidate for almost all eyebrow shapes, from soft angles to slim, medium arches.

The Long Face – since the face is already elongated from the forehead towards the chin, the goal is to make the face a bit more open and round. While long faces look quite regal, high, curvy arched can give a permanently surprised look. Open up a long face with a low-arched flat brow to soften the entire look.

The Round Face – this cute as a button look has almost baby-like proportions, being wider at the cheeks. To create balance, high-arched sculptured eyebrows opens up the eyes vertically and elongates the face very subtly.
The Square Face – With a prominent jaw, this facial shape can make for a strong, angular appearance.Eyebrows shaped to complement instead of contrast is needed to soften the angles of the jaw, cheeks and forehead. This can be achieved by creating an angled brow shape, with the peak of the brow aligned to the widest angle of the jaw.
The Heart Shaped Face – The prominent forehead and pointy chin is makes heart-shaped faces look quite cute. A nice round arch will soften the pointiness of the chin, creating perfect balance!

The Diamond Face – This highly angular and bony facial structure needs perfectly curved eyebrows that will tone down the widest portions of the face.

Achieve the look with perfectly shaped eyebrows by Aaliyah’s Beauty and Brows offering you the Best Eyebrow Threading in San Diego. See you soon!

The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face