Megan S.
National City, CA

Aaiyesha and her staff are extremely talented threaders. The best brows ever coming from an esthetician who over the years has had less then stellar eyebrow waxes. They are professional make me feel welcomed and the services aren’t rushed but yet quick if that makes sense. Really lovely people I will continue to patron their business. Thanks ladies!
P.S the owners little girl is just to adorable. Love the fact that all the family takes part.

Kayla C.
San Diego, CA

Coming from the NJ to Cali is a big transition within itself, however with the reviews below and great customer service I feel at home every time I come to do my eyebrows.

Ayesha is amazing! Not only did she remember me by face and I’ve only been here 2 times, she takes her time with each client including myself.

My eyebrows are in a transition of growing out / reshaping but I trust this place with them. They explain that it is a process for nice eyebrows, suggest what to do, and what they will do when they are grown in. Of course, you tell them and they will make it happen.

I definitely recommend this place and I am very picky.

Jordyn N.
Antioch, CA

Hadeer was very professional and friendly. This was my first time getting my eyebrows threaded and I was nervous but expecting good results. Hadeer shaped my eyebrows and made me feel like a super star. Although I am not from San Diego, the next time that I get the chance to get my eyebrows cleaned up, I will definitely be coming back here.

Locals if you need to get your eyebrows done you must come here. You can never go wrong with threading because you are guaranteed with high quality results. I have had traumatizing experiences getting my eyebrows waxed because I prefer to keep my eyebrows thick and full. Threading was extremely painful but you will get used to it and what also made this experience better was that my total was ONLY $10. You cannot go wrong with that. I have no complaints the shop was beautiful and soothing.