Best Eyelash Extensions: Top Tips You Need Before Going To The Salon

How much time do you spend putting those eyelash extensions on every morning? Do you think you can have the patience to do that every single day? The very thought of having wasted precious time could drive every woman to go to the salon and have an expert put on the best eyelash extension for them. With the expert’s help, every woman can have that ideal eyelashes look minus all the wasted time and energy.

However, have you ever asked yourself up to what extent are you willing to have those perfect eyes with the best eyelashes the market has to offer? If you get tired of going to the salon at least once every two weeks to have the attachment fixed, would you even consider surgery? Stop. Before you decide on anything, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before going to the salon:

  • First, always ask about the eyelash extensions that the salon offers. There are basically three types: mink, synthetic and silk. They vary in sizes too. Make sure you pick the right one that will fit the shape of your face and perhaps even the size of your body. You don’t want to be batting those huge eyelashes when you are in fact very small.
  • Second, inquire about the process of how they would attach it. If they would use glue, which is often the case, ask if the glue is hypoallergenic. Unwanted allergic reactions might hurt your eye in the process. Remember that there are glue types that will suit every type of skin sensitivity.
  • Third, how long will the process take? You want to save yourself from all the trouble and you definitely do not want your time wasted, so it is best to ask the experts how long the procedure is going to take. Normally, it takes about two hours to do it. Knowing how long it will take will allow you to plan your day ahead. You also do not want to rush the procedure, because doing so could cause something to go wrong.

Whether you are doing it to look pretty or you are doing it to gain more self-confidence, the decision is always in your hands. Always choose to go for the eyelash extensions with the least possible side effects and highest possible benefits.

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Best Eyelash Extensions: Top Tips You Need Before Going To The Salon